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Three ICON


Our three icons have been an integral part of the Lorna Jane brand almost from the beginning.


They were first developed as a single icon, created by linking the L and the J of Lorna Jane to form a slightly off-kilter square.

初期のロゴはローナジェーン(Lorna Jane)のLとJをリンクさせた、単一の四角いアイコンでした。

The single icon was used for the first couple of years but evolved to three representing the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe.


  • MOVE THEIR BODIES EVERY DAY = 毎日運動する習慣を身に付ける
  • NOURISH FROM THE INSIDE OUT = 身体に良い健康で美味しい食事を摂り、自分の好きな事をすることで、自身を労わる
  • BELIEVE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE = 自分自身を信じることで、強い精神力を身に付ける

Lorna’s belief was that by placing the three icons on all Lorna Jane garments, it would inspire the women who wore the product.


And you know what? It works! Customers tell us all the time that Lorna Jane products inspire them in their active lives ? which is even more evidence that if you believe, we mean really believe in something, it really can become a reality.